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Marc, Vermont violin maker, luthier,in his shop Gregoire's Violin Shop

Hi, I'm Marc Gregoire.

I am originally from Quebec Canada and moved to Vermont with my family as a young child. Violin playing was a very important part of my family as I was growing up. My grandfather was a fabulous fiddler and would do repairs for all the local players.  He also made a few violins himself, although he was a carpenter by trade.  I greatly enjoy traditional Canadian style violin playing. 

I began learning violin repair as a hobby while working as an electronics repair technician for IBM.  It wasn't long before I had accumulated many clients seeking repairs for their instruments.  After several years of repairing violins and bows, I realized a desire to build my own violins and decided to pursue formal training in violin building and repair with a master luthier.  As an apprentice under Master Luthier Thurmond Knight, I learned the traditional methods of violin making.  In addition to my training with Thurmond  Knight,  I also traveled to Europe and worked with Master Luthier Wolfgang Heibler in Graz, Austria. 

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